Help: 2005 BMW 745li - Idrive Question


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I recently purchased an 05' 745li. I got a fantastic deal on if because it was a theft recovery. Everything is there and works on the car except the Idrive.

Does anyone know if the DVD Navigation Player is an integral part of the Idrive system? The DVD Navigation was one of the items missing from the theft.

I purchased another and made sure it was the correct one for my vehicle, but I noticed that there are two Fiber Optic Cables that were cut when the other unit was stolen.

I can see a red light illuminating from the cut wire. I am able to navigate through the Idrive, but when I push the controller to go into any of the fields, nothing happens.

I have no radio, I am unable to set the clock or date, and of course the navigation doesn't work. I heard there are ways to splice fiber optic cable, but I just wanted know if the DVD Navigation Player somehow controls the Idrive.

I know I will most likely end up taking into my local BMW dealer for repair. My car is under warranty, but I'm sure they do not warranty theft damage. Ay help would be appreciated.
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Hi there,

This will shed a little light (the red flashing one, hahaha) on your problem.

The radio, navigation and i-drive all communicate along a system called MOST. IF this "ring" of components is broken, you lose some/all of the functions of some/all the components on the "ring".

It'll probably need to have the fibre-optic cables replaced, but i think that you can do it without HAVING TO replace the DVD-Navigation system.

Hope this helps,